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Craighead-Jackson Education Center
Craighead-Jackson Education Center


Blount Mansion: the birthplace of the state of Tennessee and your ultimate Field Trip destination for statehood week, US history, colonial government, and life in the 18th century. We can also host field trips for home school groups.

Supplemental materials can be arranged for teachers as requested.

Students who are interested in making their own ink for quill pens after visiting should visit the Vinegar Institute for a berry ink recipe.


Field Trip Fast Facts

Blount Scholars is an intensive after school educational program designed to give students who love history a chance to experience history in a new way that isn’t possible in their regular classroom setting. As testing and preparing for tests has taken up more and more of the school day and history itself has taken a back seat to STEM subjects there just isn’t time during the semester for students to really spend time learning about history and civics. Our Blount Scholars program seeks to fill that gap.

We want to be able to give students as many hands-on activities as possible as well as lectures by experts in their fields. It is also a way for the presenters to teach to their passions. As most educators will tell you they don’t often get to teach the subjects they are most passionate about due to time and curricular restraints.

We have had five sessions of Blount Scholars so far, spring and fall of 2016 and spring and fall of 2017, and spripng of 2018. We have had 85 students between the  sessions, most coming from Hardin Valley Academy (HVA) but also Morristown West, L&N Stem Academy, and Fulton High School. Many of the attendees have been students in AP history, and all of them have been instrumental in helping us shape the program to be as interesting and fun as possible.

Some of the presenters which we have been lucky enough to work with so far have covered such varied topics as life ways and crafts of the Cherokee, music of the 1790’s, open hearth cooking, life of the Civil War soldier, the War of 1812, slavery in the Southwest Territory, women on the Frontier, dendrochronology (tree ring science), Constitutional history, and built environment preservation.

We have had living history performances covering the life of Attakullakulla (The Little Carpenter) a Cherokee Peace elder as well as Gov. John Sevier, soldier musicians of the Civil War, and the Overmountain Men who fought at King’s Mountain during the American Revolution.

We have received funds from the Tennessee Arts Commission and those funds will go specifically to the artists, craftspeople, performers and musicians to compensate them for their work and travel expenses.

During the initial design phase we were lucky enough to have a “focus group” with potential attendees from HVA. This proved to be a very beneficial meeting. The 25 or so students who came and spoke with us helped us to figure out what students would expect and appreciate in a program such as Blount Scholars. They were very quick to tell us that they saw very little need for technology to play a role in the program and that they were “sick to death” of tech. They were craving experiences, hands on, real life experiences which they do not get in school or in their daily lives. These kinds of experiences would go a long way toward helping them understand the lives of our forbearers. The artists and presenters we have been partnering with have been instrumental in this effort.

Click here for an application for Blount Scholars

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Click here for more information on the Blount Scholars program.

School Group Information

The William Blount Mansion Association is a 501 (c) 3 organization chartered under Tennessee law with a stated mission to heighten the public’s knowledge, appreciation and understanding of William Blount and the Blount Mansion by preserving the site and providing quality educational and cultural experiences. Educating the public, especially children, about the Blount family, other Knoxville families, and life in Tennessee is our mission.

Your class can relive a day in the past with unique tour experiences and enrichment activities designed to meet current educational standards.

Field Trip Fast Facts

Times and Days

School programs are scheduled Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We recommend making reservations several months in advance if you would like a particular day and time. Monday field trips can be arranged with advance notice. For information about the day of your field trip, please click here.


Cost is $5 per student, teacher or chaperone. Payment must be made in full with one form of payment for all students and adults at time of arrival with checks made payable to Blount Mansion Association. All bus drivers are admitted free of charge.


If you would like to schedule a program for your school, you must make a reservation at least two weeks in advance. You do not have a reservation until we have confirmed arrangements and you have received written confirmation. To make a reservation, please contact the staff at 865-525-2375 or

Please send payment to:

Blount Mansion Association
Attn: Education
PO Box 1703
Knoxville, TN 37901

Group Size Limits

The Blount Mansion Association can accommodate groups of various sizes, but logistics will need to be discussed ahead of time if the group is larger than 60.


The Blount Mansion Association requires one chaperone for every 20 students. Chaperones are required to participate in the program and assist the Site Interpreter in managing students. For more information, see the Chaperone Guide.

Lunch Facilities

We have several acres on the property suitable for a picnic for groups of various sizes. In cold or rainy weather, the Visitors Center is available. For your convenience, there are several rectangular tables and chairs available in the storage room that require set-up and must be cleaned and returned to their original location following their use. Arrangements must be made in advance. Clean-up is the responsibility of the school group, and all trash must be disposed of in the proper receptacles. 


A written confirmation will be emailed to the organization point of contact prior to your scheduled program. It will include instructions for program payment, bus drop-off information, and pre-visit classroom lesson plans.


Cancellations must be made in writing seven business days prior to the reserved date for the $100 deposit to be returned, less a $25 administrative fee. The Blount Mansion Association will retain the full deposit if the cancellation is received less than seven business days prior to the reserved date. The Blount Mansion Association reserves the right to postpone due to inclement weather. The program will be rescheduled for a later date at no additional charge. When Knox County Schools are closed for inclement weather, the Blount Mansion Association is closed, and programs will be rescheduled.

Museum Shop

While in the gift shop, students must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please inform your students that Tennessee has a sales tax of 9.75% and ask the students to have their money neatly arranged before going to the register.

Student Code of Conduct

We expect all students to respect the Site Interpreter and chaperones as well as the historic structures and artifacts. Each teacher is required to inform their students of the expected behavior and to sign and return a Code of Conduct at time of arrival.










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If you are a teacher and are interested in assisting with educational programming here at Blount Mansion, please email


The Blount Mansion Association thanks the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the Tennessee Historical Commission, the Arts and Heritage Fund, and other generous contributors for helping us offer educational and outreach programs to the community.

lesson plans

All lesson plans follow Tennessee State Curriculum. Click on a title to download.

200 w. hill ave, knoxville, tn 37902 · Mail to: po box 1703, knoxville, tn 37901 · 865-525-2375 ·